Timber and Joinery

Tough, high quality, high precision cutting

This describes KADUR’s knives for working with wood.

Having been associated with the wood industry since the company was founded, KADUR offers a wide range of knives that offer exceptional reliability and productivity thanks to their cutting power and durability:


kadurfix_290 tersa_290 centrolock_290 terminus_290 vivax_290

Our extensive selection of materials, alloys and models provides a solution for every sector of the wood and wood transformation industry and ensures that the right option for every application is always available:

  • TCT, carbide metal knife (sintered tungsten carbide).
  • Stellite, an alloy with a high cobalt content.
  • HSS 18% W, high speed steel alloy with 18% wolfram.
  • HSS 6% W, high speed steel alloy with 6% wolfram.
  • HLS 13% Cr, steel alloy with chrome.
  • ST1, high speed steel coated with chromium nitride.