high performance industrial blades


leaders in high performance

Our industrial knives daily proving their reliability in the areas of: Paper & Print, Wood Industries, Joinery and Forest Industries of Metal, Plastic and Recycling.

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quality for each use

Manufacturers for over 50 years and as a good knowledge of industry requirements, and structure our experience allows us to have the most complete and varied range of knives. An effective quality control delivers the advantages of having more suitable alloys for each order.

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advantages of our R&D&i

inking expertise and know-how to research the latest materials, we guarantee the most out of our blades. Our technical advice and develop any specific demand of our clients.

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quick and efficient service

We work to provide the best assistance to all customers, wherever they are. Located in the center of an important communications center, a quick and efficient service can compare our quality worldwide.

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SUPPORT info@kadur.com HOTLINE +34 937142522

We are leaders in high performance industrial knives. The reliability of our blades is reaffirmed every day in the sectors of Paper and Graphic Arts, Wood, Joinery and Forestry, and Metal Plastics and Recycling. We have been manufacturing cutting industrial knives for more than 50 years and have in-depth knowledge of industry requirements. Our experience, quality control and know-how enable us to produce the optimum knives and alloys to meet the demands of each individual client. Our manufacturing program includes our specific guillotine blades for all the guillotine paper knives brands as well as their corresponding cutting sticks. Having been associated with the wood industry since the company was founded, KADUR offers a wide range of planer blades and corrugated knives, that offer exceptional reliability and productivity thanks to their cutting power and durability. An extensive range of high-performance knives and blades provides the most productive solution to the many different demands of the forestry and wood transformation industry. The toughness and cutting quality of our knives make them the perfect complement to your shears for cutting sheet or galvanized steel, brass, copper or any other non-ferrous metal, bringing safety, speed and precision to your production processes. We also supply industrial blades for the Recycling industry. Domestic electrical appliances, electronic sharp, cables , leather, textiles, wood, paper, cardboard, plastics, fine granules.. whatever the waste , we have developed the ideal industrial knives to handle it. Our knives offer the ultimate in performance quality and we guarantee that, cut after cut, you can rely on KADUR knives.